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COOKING SCHOOLS:  Fredericksburg Culinary Arts (FBGCA)

Q & A

Posted:  October 25th, 2009


Howdy Selfcare Pro!

I'm new to Texas and have been trying to plant a garden in what seems to be less than 10 inches of top soil. As a former waiter, I know and love food, but have never grown it myself. I'd like to attend a cooking school to use my garden bounty and cook my way to better health.

Any ideas or suggestions either about the Texas soil or a recommendation for a good culinary school down South?

Matt S. (Austin, TX)


Hello Matt from Austin!

It's encouraging to see you becoming a Selfcare Pro - all on your own!

We are overjoyed to hear that you are seeing how planting your own garden and cooking what you grow can greatly impact your health.


ANSWER can be found:


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SELF-ASSESSMENT:  Toxic Load and Purification


August 24, 2009


Toxic Load and Purification
"Spring cleaning" for your insides; cleansing and detoxification of your body

How do you determine your toxic load - and, what is your current toxic load?

Toxic load is the amount of toxins that your body needs to process, and purification is the internal cleansing and detoxification of your body.

Toxins can contribute to a wide range of conditions:

Stuffy head
Fatigue or difficulty sleeping
Digestion and other gastrointestinal problems
Food cravings and weight gain
Reduced mental clarity
Low libido

Start assessing your toxic load with these questions from StandardProcess.



© 2009 Standard Process Inc. All rights reserved.



Marie's Original Poison Ivy/Oak Soap helps remove the irritating oils of the Poison Ivy, Oak, and Sumac plants from the skin, speeds healing and helps other minor skin rashes.  Marie's Poison Ivy/Oak Soap should be a part of everyone's First Aid Kit.




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EXPOSE:  Sober Companion to the Stars


Posted:  May 26, 2009

Meet Lindsay Lohan's Addiction Nanny
Troubled star's "sober companion" on retainer to shadow Lohan's every move

Lindsay Lohan was once accused by a friend of Paris Hilton's as being "poor" because she only made $7 million per picture.
You have to earn at least that much if your bright star requires the assistance of a $1000 per day "sober companion".
Robert Downey, Jr., Owen Wilson, and Lindsay Lohan - they're all doing it - hiring for a new entourage position, the sober-companion professional.
Everyday people turn to support groups or AA, but if you are a wealthy addict, you might want to pay $750 to $2000 per day for a companion who will add structure and support in that transitioning phase, to help you face a possible relapse.
If you want, a sober companion will even search the client's home for drugs, if he/she thinks it is warranted.
The recent explosion of high-end treatment programs has helped feed the growth of the sober-companion profession.
Lots of money can buy a celeb most anything they want, but you have to take responsibility for your own recovery, and this is where the job of the sober companion must end - celebrity willing.



© 2009 SelfCarePro™  All rights reserved.



Bennington Candle - MOON.

Natural aromatherapy candle, large pillar - Moon

Aromatherapy pillar candles - handcrafted in Vermont.  These quality aromatherapy candles are made with lead-free 100% cotton wicks, as well as natural essential oils from flowers, herbs, and trees.  Each hand poured candle has it’s own special custom blend of heavenly scents.

Bennington Candle is a conscientious producer of high quality aromatherapy candles.  The wax is formulated so that the candles produce a long lasting luminous glow.

Size: 5" x 3".  Burning approximately 70-80 hours.





© 2009 SelfCarePro™  All rights reserved.

PRODUCT REVIEW:  Rock the Knife; both Henckels and Wüsthof are winners

By Arlie Maylin, Garden of Healing®

May 16, 2009

Three Kitchen Knife sets reviewed
All winners; Choose Wüsthof or Henckels for slicing Your way to good health

When it comes to kitchen knife BRANDS, my conclusion is that there is no clear winner

- because there are TWO of them!

You cannot go wrong with Henckels or Wüsthof, especially if you don't care about a $40-buck spread in price.  Ranging from $260 to $300, when it comes to knife sets, there are more than just one winner in my kitchen:

Henckels Four Star - $260
Wüsthof Trident Classic 8418 - $300
Henckels Twin Professional "S" - $290

The differences between the top three kitchen knife sets are so slim, that I recommend slicing through all other reviews and reading on.  But, this particular review will focus on the most expensive one of all three, the Trident Classic by Wüsthof.



© 2009 Arlie Ian Maylin.  All rights reserved.

SELFCARE RESOURCE:  The CFIDS Association of America

Charlotte, NC 28222-0398; (704) 365-2343

Posted:  May 6, 2009

The CFIDS Association of America

The CFIDS Association of America is the largest and most active charitable organization dedicated to chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), also known as chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction syndrome (CFIDS).

Since 1987, the Association has invested more than $26.8 million in initiatives to bring an end to the pain, disability and suffering caused by CFS.

The ABC's of EFAs:


© 2009 Mark Isaac Thyss/SelfCarePro™  All rights reserved.


FEATURE:  The Influenza Self-Care Strategy

Alberta Canada Health and Wellness

Posted:  March 5th, 2009


The Influenza Self-Care Strategy  Helping people to help themselves and others during influenza season and pandemic

Each year, influenza-associated illnesses have a substantial impact on an already strained health-care system. The system will be strained considerably more in the case of pandemic influenza.

The Influenza Self-Care Strategy is designed to increase the public’s confidence and ability to prevent and treat influenza and to educate them about how best to use the health-care system during regular influenza season and pandemic.

As a health-care provider, you have an important role to play in making the Influenza Self-Care Strategy work. Research shows that the greatest successes in changing long-term behaviour occur when a health education program is offered and supported by health-care providers while in direct contact with their clients/patients i.e. integrated into the health-care system.

This booklet contains critical information your clients/patients need in order to care for themselves and others during influenza season and pandemic. You can help them to help themselves by providing this information during consultations.


© 2009 Mark Isaac Thyss/SelfCarePro™  All rights reserved.

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PROGRAMS:  The Authentic Power Program

By Mark Isaac Thyss

Published:  March 3,  2009


Gary Zukav and Linda Francis  The Seat of the Soul Institute and The Authentic Power Program

The Authentic Power Program is an in-depth, transformative program for learning to create authentic power on the planet.  It is a three-year exploration and experience of creating authentic power in close interaction with Gary Zukav and Linda Francis.

The Authentic Power Program is designed specifically for those who are committed to creating authentic power.  Authentic power is the experience of fulfillment, joy, creativity, and full engagement in the present moment.  It is the experience of having exactly what you need, knowing that your life has purpose, and knowing that everything you do serves that purpose.  It is also the experience of joyfully accepting yourself and others, creating with an empowered heart, and freedom from attachment to the outcome.  Joy, creativity, and gratitude fill your awareness, even when your experiences are difficult or painful, and you strive to create harmony, cooperation, sharing, and reverence for Life.

The Authentic Power Program will help you make the journey from your head to your heart – from an experiencer of your life to an experimenter in your life, from a victim of your experiences to a creator of your experiences – that you were born to make.



© 2009 Mark Isaac Thyss/SelfCarePro™  All rights reserved.


FACILITY:  The Neuroscience Group of Northeast Wisconsin, WI 54956

By Mark Isaac Thyss

Published:  March 2,  2009


The Neuroscience Group of Northeast Wisconsin, S.C.  1305 W. American Drive, Neenah, WI 54956

Celebrating 15 years of service, The Neuroscience Group is a multispecialty practice focused on comprehensive diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of the nervous system (brain, spine, spinal cord and peripheral nerves).  It was established in 1991 by neurosurgeon, Thomas A. Lyons, MD, FACS.

As a regional referral center, The Neuroscience Group provides highly-trained and well-respected specialists in neurology and neurosurgery with the goal to deliver the most advanced treatment and compassionate care to patients and families.

The Neuroscience Center is a community-oriented, physician-directed, clinically integrated, health care center focused on neuroscience services, the only center providing comprehensive neurological and neurosurgical services.

Areas of expertise include:

Conservative and surgical care of back pain, neck pain and other conditions of the spine, brain tumors, stroke and cerebrovascular disease, Alzheimer’s and memory disorders, chronic pain, comprehensive headache care, epilepsy, parkinson’s disease and movement disorders, multiple sclerosis, and peripheral neuropathy.

The doctors were determined to create a unique neuroscience health care experience that links “ideal patient experience” behaviors with facility design. The group has developed a facility that encompasses the differentiation, relevance and uniqueness needed to provide ideal patient experiences.


© 2009 Mark Isaac Thyss/SelfCarePro™  All rights reserved.


By Community Member of

Published:  January 19, 2009; Your site sure brings hope to me

“Hi! I joined PatientsLikeMe yesterday and I was very, very impressed with this website!!! This will help the ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) community very much.

I answered all the questions and will be able to track my progression, print off this and questions to my ALS doctors and compare what other treatments that work for other PALS. I also learned a lot including my FRS score that when I tried before was never sure I was doing it right. Thank you!!!

I know there is no ALS cure at this moment but your site sure brings hope to me. I see many new doors opening up for all of us because of this very unique website, PatientsLikeMe.

Thank you! This is tremendous!!!”


© 2009 SelfCarePro™  All rights reserved.

FILM REVIEW:  You Can Heal Your Life, The Movie by Louise Hay

By Ann Bathgate

Published:  January 18, 2009


You Can Heal Your Life, The Movie

If you have heard about positive thinking but don’t understand the process, this is the film for you. If you are already a fan of Louise Hay, you are going to ADORE this film. I am so excited to see it finally released!

Louise Hay is a best selling author, known for her book, “You Can Heal Your Life”. In the book, she describes what ’cause’ is often behind our diseases and illnesses. She developed this list working with clients in her church and consciously noting how they ‘talked’ when they spoke about their cancer, carpal tunnel syndrome, migraines or whatever other ailment was bothering them. I refer to this list regularly in my Angel Readings and Reflexology sessions; clients are always shocked at how accurate Louise’s findings are.

The movie is incredibly done. Every person watching it will relate to our main character, who struggles with thinking negative thoughts.

Throughout the film, the viewer is introduced to the power of our thoughts, and the process of why what we say and think has such an effect on our daily lives. Included in the film (and especially in the extended release) are interviews of well known metaphysical speakers and authors such as Esther and Jerry Hicks, Doreen Virtue and Wayne Dyer.

Through the movie, you are taught how the process WORKS and how you can change YOUR life for the better! It isn’t just about mumbling affirmations and expecting your new car delivered to your front door by the delivery truck. This is a process, step by step, to connect you with what you truly, consciously, want to create in your life.

A wonderful addition to this movie is an option of “Affirmations”. With beautiful music and breathtaking scenes, you are able to affirm with Louise new thoughts about your health, prosperity and relationships. It’s a wonderful DVD to have on as you are milling about your day, cleaning or cookie, affirming all the way to have good enter your life.

In the extended version, there are detailed interviews with those wonderful teachers. It’s definitely a keeper and worth embracing their individual stories.  Enjoy!!! You deserve a wonderful life!


© 2007 Annie Bathgate.  All Rights Reserved.

BLOG:  Arlie's Chiropractic & Natural Health Blog

By Arlie Ian Maylin

Published:  December 21, 2008

Natural Care; Modern Medicine Offers Flawed Approach

Have you ever wondered why certain diseases seem never fully treatable? Ever asked yourself why so many side effects from medications have literally created cottage industries around themselves?

Was the human body really designed to handle the stress of never-ending health issues?

It seems we just keep patching up our health problems with temporary fixes, instead of eliciting a full or complete healing. Why?

Many blessings and miracles have sprung from Western Medicine, and as a result, the average person now aims to live much longer than in times past. Rapid technological advances have their share of disadvantages. As technology progresses, new and unusual health problems have arisen.


© 2008 Arlie Ian Maylin. All rights reserved.

INTERVIEW:  Eating According to Your Genome

By Emily Singer, Technology Review

Published:  Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Eating According to Your Genome
The emerging field of nutrigenomics is starting to yield some DNA-based diet tips, says nutrition scientist Jose Ordovas

If you knew that you were especially susceptible to heart disease when you gained weight, would it increase your motivation to diet? How much would you be willing to pay to find out if you are one of the lucky people who can eat as much fat as you want and not have an increased risk of heart disease? Such tests are the goal of nutrigenomics, which seeks to identify the links between nutrition and disease based on an individual's genome.

While the field is still too young to offer personal dietary advice for the average consumer, research has uncovered links among genes, diet, and heart disease. Jose Ordovas, director of the Nutrition and Genomics Laboratory at Tufts University, has spent years studying the link between metabolism of dietary fats and risk of cardiovascular disease. After analyzing data from the Framingham Heart Study, a large-scale study that has traced the health of some 5,000 people since 1948, his team has found that certain genetic variants can protect people from diet-induced cardiovascular disease--or put them at increased risk. Ordovas spoke with Technology Review about his research and the future of the field.


© 2009 Technology Review, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.

PRODUCT REVIEW:  Pocket Pedometer, model HJ-720ITC with PC software by Omron

By Mark Isaac Thyss, SelfCarePro™

January 11, 2009

The Omron Pocket Pedometer; model HJ-720ITC

The Omron Pocket Pedometer; model HJ-720ITC, is a great pedometer, and I highly recommended getting one.

It is the most technologically advanced pedometer offered by Omron - doing it's job well and accurately. This pedometer counts your steps whether it is clipped on, in your pocket or in a purse.

I like the software (Omron Health Management Software); a couple of clicks and your data is automatically uploaded. It shows your results on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis.

Omron is the only company I have seen that provides you with this type of software.



© 2009 Mark Isaac Thyss/SelfCarePro™  All rights reserved.


NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS REVIEW:  Mushroom Science® Agaricus Blazei

By Mark Isaac Thyss, Garden of Healing®

January 11, 2009

Agaricus Blazei Medicinal Mushroom Extract by Mushroom Science®

Gene-altered corn, unlabeled ingredients in food, and the release of cloned meat and milk into the food supply, not to mention killer jungle viruses arriving from the Rain forest; what’s a consumer to do?

Medicinal mushrooms to modulate your immune system is welcome news, and here’s one we love, Agaricus Blazei by Mushroom Science®. For an immune-stimulating boost, learn what this mushroom can do for you.

Agaricus Blazei is a medicinal mushroom that contains a special class of polysaccharides known as beta glucans.  Studies show beta glucans stimulate activity of natural killer (NK) cells, which are an important part of the immune system.



© 2006 Mark Isaac Thyss/Garden of Healing®.  All rights reserved.

COOKBOOK REVIEW:  Vegetable Harvest by Patricia Wells

By Mark Isaac Thyss

January 9, 2009

Vegetable Harvest, Vegetables at the Center of the Plate

William Morrow Cookbooks-Harper Collins (2007)
352 pages | Hardcover | Color Photographs | $43.95

ISBN-10: 0060752440
ISBN-13: 9780060752446

Abandon the old boil-and-saute routine and find out what a master of vegetables can teach you in her new book, “Vegetable Harvest” by Patricia Wells.

Wells, the author of several cookbooks including “The Provence Cookbook”, puts vegetables center stage in this appetizing and innovative collection.


© 2007 Mark Isaac Thyss/SelfCarePro™

KNOL:  Friendly Bacteria bug a Leaky Gut to Heal

By Mark Isaac Thyss

Published:  October 17, 2008

Friendly Bacteria bug a Leaky Gut to Heal

Leaky Gut Syndromes and Healthy Bacteria

There is a theory that people with leaky gut syndrome have tiny openings in the walls of their small intestines, where large molecules of undigested food particles are allowed to leak into the bloodstream, and where the immune system then attacks them as foreign invaders. Food molecules that get into the blood in this way can trigger food allergies; but any large molecules that leak out can cause chronic inflammation, irritating the gut lining and exacerbating other autoimmune diseases such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Leaky Gut and Autoimmune Diseases

Modern foods lack necessary beneficial bacteria also known as “friendly” bacteria.  One of the greatest benefits obtained from good bacteria is healthy immunity.

Everything from food allergies to aspirin to stress can irritate the lining of your stomach.  An irritated gut and lack of the friendly bacteria, and an out-of-control overgrowth of candida, are a prescription for leaky gut syndromes.

It’s likely that everyone gets a little leaky gut from time to time, but normally, a healthy body will repair itself and you’ll be good to go.  People with underlying infections, like candida, or chronic illnesses, like HIV or Crohn’s disease, can end up with minor damage to the small intestine.  This damage left unaddressed could produce a syndrome that becomes chronic.

The most common causes of damage to the the integrity of the intestinal mucosa are infectious agents (viral, bacterial and protozoan), ethanol, and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.


© 2008 Mark Isaac Thyss/Garden of Healing®

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